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    SCOOP Vee brings media entertainment ranging from VOD to Live TV Channels on your mobile devices.

    SCOOP Vee Preview
  • Frictionless

    Our adaptive technology ensures your video streaming experience to be as frictionless as possible, anywhere, anytime.

    SCOOP Vee Streaming
  • Informative

    Our Featured page and TV Schedule ensure you are updated with the most current shows!

    SCOOP Vee Information Content
  • Recommendation

    We will recommend you relevant content by understanding your watching behaviour and preferences!

    SCOOP Vee Recommendation
  • Social

    Sharing is caring. Share you favourite videos on social media platforms to your friends and family! Good stuff are meant to be shared ;)

    SCOOP Vee Social Sharing
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  • More Personal

    Your very own library collection of videos!

    SCOOP Vee Personal Library
  • More Social

    Join in the fun discussing with communities who share the same interest as you!

    SCOOP Vee Social
  • More Platforms

    Everyone deserves entertainment, don't you think so?

    SCOOP Vee Supports Multiple Platforms
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